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    Currituck Crossing

    Currituck Crossing offers beautiful Sound front and Sound access lots in one of North Carolina's most popular coastal settings. On Saturday March 28th purchase these amazing coastal properties from only $19,900!

    Click here to visit the Currituck Crossing website...

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    Owen Glen

    Owen Glen is sold out! Contact us for other Mountain, Lake, and Golf lots.


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    Lighthouse Point

    Lighthouse Point is SOLD OUT. Contact us for other lakefront offerings.

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    Peninsula Pointe

    One of the most popular lakes in all of North America, Lake Keowee offers year round boating, crystal clear Blue Ridge Mountain waters, and countless recreational activities. On October 4th visit Peninsula Pointe for a one day liquidation of dockable waterfront and water access properties for pennies on the dollar.

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    Whisper Woods

    Towering over the adjoining Nantahala Wilderness, Whisper Woods offers breath taking views, a 100+ foot waterfall, and incredible location, all starting from only $9,900!

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    Staurolite Mountain

    Only a few select properties are available.  Contact us for information on these incredible parcels in beautiful Blue Ridge Georgia!

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    Riverwalk on the Hiwassee

    Out of the Blue Ridge Mountains rushes the historic Hiwassee River. Riverwalk on the Hiwassee offers estate sized riverfront, river access, and river view properties up to 20+ acres from only $7500!

    Visit the Riverwalk website...

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    The Summit at Fort Mountain

    The Summit at Fort Mountain is SOLD OUT. Contact us for back-up contract opportunities.

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    Reece Mountain

    Only One Lot Available! Contact us for information about this incredible Parcel!

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    Sailview is sold out. Contact us about other Lakefront properties.

    Visit the Sailview website 

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    Greenwood Plantation

    Greenwood Plantation is SOLD OUT. Please contact us for future properties in this area.

    Visit the Greenwood Plantation website...

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    River Ridge

    River Ridge is SOLD OUT. Contact us about other Riverfront properties.

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    Firefly Mountain

    Only one amazing parcel is available at beautiful Fire Fly Mountain. Contact us for more information and to set your tour to see all Fire Fly has to offer!

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    High Meadows

    Only two Parcels available. Contact us for close-out pricing!


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    Chestnut Creek

    Only One Parcel Available!  Contact us for incredible close-out pricing!


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    The Views

    The Views is SOLD OUT. Contact us for more North Carolina liquidation properties.


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    Cedar Crossing

    Cedar Crossing is sold out. Contact us about other North Carolina liquidation properties.


Coastal Liquidation March 28th!